Originally from Atlanta, I have been a resident of Austin, TX since 2005 and call it home now. I have always been an artist at heart, but it was Graphic Design that bridged the gap between starving artist and employed professional.

After pursuing schooling in Radio/Television/Film and Culinary Arts, I still hadn't found a career that felt right. So I started taking Fine Art and Graphic Design courses. While attending school, I was fortunate enough to make some great connections and was accepted into a number of internships including Tribeza,  Frank+Victor Design,  Sibley Peteet  and C3 Presents, where I currently work.

My design style is a mix of simple, clean, and modern elements with a hint of retro-chic. Illustration, identity, poster and product design all interest me, and much of my free design time is spent improving on those design skills.

I always love hearing from people, so if you have any questions, comments or are looking for so design work, drop me a line.


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